Blossom & Such is a boutique jewelry studio. All of our jewels
are handmade and made by measure with utmost attention.
We use nothing but supreme quality recycled metals, sustainable materials and 100% ethically sourced and conflict-free gemstones and diamonds.


Wedding rings made in white,

rose, yellow gold and platinum

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We Are Eco-Friendly

Attention is Everything

Beautiful artifacts, made with utmost care and attention to each detail

Unique Tale in Each Ring

Each jewel tells a very own special tale of the occasion it’s created for

Made by Measure

All of our designs are made by measure and tailor made

eco friendly

We use only ethically mine-sourced gems, diamonds and recycled metals

Precious Opal Gemstones

Precious opal, Shakespeare’s “Queen of gem”, is considered to be noble and unique gemstones since the dawn of history. Roman Philosopher Pliny the Elder, wrote that opal represents “a perfect combination of beauty”, above all other stones. To this day, it is believed that its mystical powers bring good fortune and joy to its holders.

Blossom & Such rings, earrings and pandants are adorned with some of the finest precious Australian opal gemstones in the world, 100% ethically mine-sourced. Beautiful gems for beautiful occasions.

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Shop Opal Jewelry

Opal Rings

Engagement Rings

Each of Blossom & Such’s made-by-measure engagement rings is a celebration: a beautiful memory from a beautiful, once in a lifetime occasion.

All of our rings are handmade from the highest level of precious gems and metals. We use only recycled gold, sustainable materials and 100% ethically sourced and conflict-free diamonds.

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Shop Engagement Rings

Wedding Rings

Delicate, beautiful and memorable: our wedding rings are a pride & joy, made by hand and by measure from top quality recycled gold and top notch precious gems.

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Shop Wedding Rings