Our Diamonds

Our diamonds are handpicked individually by our head gemologist Eran Ezra, they are each examined to make sure they maintain our high standards and compliment our designs.

Diamonds over 0.3ct are also sent to an independent gemological lab for grading and arrive with a formal certificate.

The default diamond quality we use is G color and Si1 clarity with a ‘Very Good’ cut grading or better. This ensures a beautiful, sparkling diamond that is still reasonably priced.

Our studio is located at the Israeli diamond exchange so we are also able to procure any diamond you want, if you are after a different quality just ask.

Our Raw Diamonds

Raw diamonds are incredible to see, each diamond looks just as it did when it was extracted from the diamond mine with all it’s raw beauty.

We hold a variety of raw diamonds and other raw gemstones in different sizes, colors and gradings. The price of a raw diamond is determined by the clarity whereas translucent, clear diamonds cost more than opaque diamonds and rare colors like green, blue, orange etc cost more than white or more common diamonds like brown, black or yellow.

If you are looking for a specific raw diamond and cannot find please feel free to contact us and we will surely be able to find one for you from out stock. All of our raw diamonds and raw gemstones are ethically sourced and 100% conflict-free.

Our Opals

We use high quality, natural Australian opals to be sure that your jewel would look at it’s best.

Opals prices vary according to their size, shape, colors intensity and pattern. Black opals are also available for an extra cost, their prices also vary according to their body tone (the darker they are the more expensive they are).

We also offer some lab grown black opals, if you are unsure about the opal you are getting please feel free to ask. If you cannot find the opal you are looking for please feel free to contact us as we have a large stock to offer and we will gladly find the right stone for you.

Please bear in mind the opals are delicate stones and must be handled with care, if an opal is hit directly by a hard object it may chip or break even if it is a top quality stone.

If your opal was damage please feel free to contact us and we will advise on options to replace it with a new opal.

Our Metals

Precious metals we use such as gold and platinum can be bought from miners or refined from old and broken jewelry.

We use only recycled metals as we feel there are plenty of precious metals already mined and there is no real need for newly mined metals in the market.

Using recycled metals results in the same quality of metal since we first send them to a refinery to receive pure 24k gold back to be used in our alloys.

Our gemstones

We use a variety of gemstones in our jewelry.
Apart from making sure they are all high quality and present beautiful colors and clean material we also make sure they are all 100% conflict free, fare-trade, and ethically sourced.

We work closely with miners around the world, this way we know how and where the stones were mined while also getting much better prices as there is no one in the middle.

The stones are cut locally by expert craftsmen to bring out the most of each and every gem.