1. What sort of warranty do you provide?
    All of our designs arrive with a full 1 year warranty for any damage that is not the result of neglect use. If a center stone has gone missing or damaged we will need to charge a symbolic price for replacing it with a new one.
  1. What if the size does not fit?
    If you have ordered a ring and the size is not right we will gladly resize it for you.
    If the ring arrived in a different size than ordered, a courier will arrive to pick it up from your address for no charge.
    If you have accidentally ordered the wrong size we will not charge for sizing the ring, we will only charge for shipping and customs charges.
    The total is 140USD including a courier picking it up from your address.
    Shipment is fully insured both ways.
    Some rings cannot be resized after they are made, please contact us to inquire about your ring to verify.
    If such a ring needs to be adjusted we can remake it for you for a symbolic price, this changes depending on the specific design.
  2. Would I be charged taxes at customs?
    If you are in the US and you are a US citizen you have no taxes to pay.
    If you are outside the US you will probably be charged taxes at customs, we recommend to check this locally before you order.
  3. How soon will I receive my order?
    Most of our designs are made per order, the standard making time is 3-4 weeks and standard international shipping takes 4-7 business days.
    The making time can be expedited up to a certain extent, if necessary, please contact us to inquire.

  1. Do I receive a certificate of authenticity?
    Yes, each item arrives with a certificate of authenticity specifying the design you got and the materials it is made of.
  1. How does shipping work?
    Shipping is fully insured and trackable.
    We ship globally twice a week for years and issues and rarely encounter issues as we use premium couriers (DHL/FedEx)
    Standard shipping takes 4-7 business days to arrive.
    Customers outside the US or customers in the US that are not citizens may be charged taxes at customs. This will be handled directly with the courier when necessary.
    The process is usually quick and easy.
  1. Can I make adjustments to the design I am getting or can you create a custom piece for me?
    Yes, we specialize in custom orders!
    Please feel free to contact us and describe your dream piece and our head designer will work directly with you to provide a quote and make it a reality.